Are you searching for a house, apartment or parking unit for a rental period longer than one year? MVGM Wonen offers a wide selection of rental properties in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and throughout the Netherlands. We provide you with an overview of rental homes which are instantly available (direct beschikbaar). The specifics of our rental properties are presented in Dutch.

You can surf through our listings and plan viewings by clicking the ‘Bezichtigen’ button in the page of the property you like. Please be aware that the most popular houses are rented out quickly. Did you not find your dream house yet? By creating an account for 36 euros per year, you will receive e-mails with the details of the new available properties which match your living preferences.

To qualify for an MVGM rental property you will have to meet our general conditions, which will deviate per housing complex. Each house hunter will be judged individually, the most important conditions are:

  • Income standard of gross month income (including holiday allowance) should be at least 4, 4,5 times the monthly rental amount
  • In case of dual earners, in most cases half of the second income is included in the income standard

For more details, please check our (Dutch) general conditions and contact our rental experts.