General Rental Conditions

Of course, we want to provide you as a housing applicant with optimal service. To be eligible for one of our rental properties, you need to meet certain conditions. As a general guideline, we apply an income requirement where your gross monthly income (including holiday pay) should be at least 4 - 4.5 times the rent. You must reside in the property yourself, and the lease agreements state that you must register yourself with the municipality at the address of your rented property.

For dual-income households, different income criteria apply to the second salary. In most cases, the second income is taken into account at 50% in the income calculation. These incomes are assessed on an individual case basis.

House Sharing

MVGM rents out properties under specific conditions that may vary per residential complex.

The properties rented by MVGM have been deemed unsuitable for rental to house sharers who do not have a sustainable common household. There are special residential complexes where we rent according to the friends concept, and we specify this on our website if applicable. In this concept, tenants can live together with a friend or partner, with each party having their own lease agreement.

Temporary Workers

If you are a temporary worker, different income calculations and/or additional conditions apply. These will be assessed on an individual basis. Temporary workers must provide at least 2 years of income statements from their employment, Phase B.

Self-Employed Individuals

Self-employed individuals have different income calculations and/or additional conditions. We ask you to provide a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce and a certified accountant's report (covering at least the last two years' financial statements) by a recognized accountant. Additionally, please note that you are required to provide a bank guarantee (or security deposit, depending on the client's requirements) equivalent to a minimum of 3 months' rent before signing the lease agreement.


If you are retired, we would like to receive the most recent income statements that demonstrate your annual gross income. We take into account that retirees pay approximately 30% less in taxes. These incomes are assessed on an individual case basis.

Own Assets

If you have your own assets, you can add 10% of your own assets to your annual gross income. You must provide evidence of this amount, such as a copy of a bank statement.

Additional Information

You must not have any outstanding payments with your current landlord or mortgage provider. Income must be proven through documents such as an overview from Mijn UWV (Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) and an employer's statement or accountant's statement, or the income tax assessment. A credit check is part of our allocation procedure. The General Terms and Conditions for Residential Lease Agreements (Algemene bepalingen huurovereenkomst woonruimte) apply to our lease agreements.

If there is doubt about whether you meet the above conditions, your individual situation will be assessed, and additional conditions may be imposed. In such cases, please be aware that we require a security deposit or bank guarantee equivalent to 3 months' rent.

Right to Refuse

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a rental property. MVGM reserves the right to refuse potential customers - without giving reasons - for a specific property.


If prospective tenants provide forged documents to qualify for a rental property, MVGM is obligated to file a report with the police for forgery (Article 225 of the Criminal Code).