Terms and Conditions

Personal Data

  1. The requested data is necessary to assess whether the applicant qualifies for renting a property managed by our organization.
  2. The data provided by the applicant will be treated confidentially.
  3. The applicant and his or her partner are aware that the data will be included in a personal register as referred to in the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP) and hereby give permission to disclose the provided data to the relevant municipality for the purpose of central registration of housing seekers, if applicable.
  4. If the registration results in a lease agreement, the applicant and his or her partner are aware and agree that the provided data will be fully or partially administered and archived by the administrator and/or owner of the rented property during the term of the agreement. The provided data will only be used for matters directly or indirectly related to the concluded lease agreement.
  5. By signing or digitally submitting this registration, the applicant authorizes the real estate manager/landlord to conduct a risk analysis related to the applicant's payment behavior. There are no costs associated with this risk analysis for the applicant. The applicant is aware that the results of the risk analysis may lead the landlord to refuse the allocation of the property or impose additional conditions.


  1. The registration entitles the registrant to access the current rental listings of MVGM Wonen and the ability to digitally respond to properties.
  2. Various municipalities have different housing policies. Therefore, please first read the allocation criteria of the relevant municipality(s) to which you may be eligible. This information is available from the respective municipality(s). This prevents you from registering for a specific property with us when the allocation is done through the municipality or is not possible.
  3. The registrant is aware of the financial requirements to qualify for a rental property with MVGM Wonen and is not entitled to (partial) refund of the registration fee of 36 euros if they do not meet these requirements.
  4. The registration can only be processed if it is fully completed and after all requested declarations have been received by the real estate manager/landlord.
  5. The registration is valid for a period of one year, with the date of payment of the registration fee of 36 euros as the starting date. Renewal only takes place at the request of the applicant.
  6. The registration will automatically expire at the end of this period. The registrant will receive a digital notification of this.
  7. MVGM Wonen is entitled to terminate the registration without further notice or judicial intervention and/or block access to the account, in whole or in part and temporarily or permanently, if the registrant fails, wholly or partially, to fulfill one or more obligations, including payment of the registration fee, accurate data entry, and compliance with the income requirements towards MVGM Wonen. In such cases, MVGM Wonen will not be liable for a full or partial refund of the registration fee.
  8. After registration, the registrant will receive the personal login details for ikwilhuren.nu.
  9. After registration, the registrant will receive digital email updates of the new housing supply from MVGM Wonen that matches their specified search profile.
  10. All email communications mentioned in point 9 will include an unsubscribe link, allowing the registrant to opt out. If the registrant no longer wishes to receive emails or other communications from MVGM Wonen, they can inform MVGM Wonen electronically at [email protected].
  11. MVGM Wonen reserves the right to change or adjust the Registration Terms, registration requirements, and registration fees.
  12. Being registered as a housing seeker with MVGM Wonen does not guarantee finding suitable housing.
  13. The signing or digital submission of the registration form does not entitle the registrant to allocation of a property/garage.
  14. If there are any relevant changes in your personal and/or work situation after registration, please inform us in writing.
  15. If a candidate is proposed during the termination of the lease, MVGM Wonen cannot guarantee allocation.


  1. If the applicant accepts the offered accommodation, the applicant agrees that a lease agreement will be concluded with a duration of initially 12 months.
  2. As keeping pets and playing musical instruments can often cause nuisance, the lease agreement may include provisions imposing some restrictions in this regard. If this applies to your situation, please ensure that accepting the rental offer will not lead to problems later on.
  3. Self-employed individuals have different income calculations and/or additional requirements. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you are a self-employed entrepreneur, a bank guarantee of at least 3 months must be provided before signing the lease agreement. Self-employed entrepreneurs must submit a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce trade register and a certified accountant's report for the past 2 years.

Applicable Law

The Dutch law applies to all relationships arising from the registration between MVGM and registrants.

Registration Fee

MVGM reserves the right to change the fee. The then applicable fee after the change will replace the amount of 36 euros mentioned in these terms and conditions.