Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions! Find answers to questions about our services, including the rental process, visitor registration and more.

If you have further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you!

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions! Find answers to questions about our services, including the rental process, visitor registration and more.

If you have further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you!


You can apply for a propery by submitting a viewing request. You can do this after creating an account on our website. We work with a draw system, which means that one candidate will be selected from all applications to view the propery. To participate in the draw, you must meet the income requirements. You must also procide the required documents, which are marked with a red asterisk. The other documents can be completed later. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to request a viewing by phone or e-mailing.

Is your ideal propery not yet listed? Then register to recieve e-mail notifications with our latest offerings based on your preferences. 

All available properties are published on our website For the first 48 hours, only candidates with a plus account can respond to the properties. After these 48 hours, the properties will become available to all candidates.

No, unfortunately we do not take this into account. All our registered applicants have an equal chance of being considered for the available homes.

Unfortunately no, all available properties are only published on

You can unsubscribe via the link under every newsletter you receive.

You can help this person by creating an account. You can then respond to a property on his or her behalf. Of course, the person without internet or mobile phone can always visit one of our rental offices, where our staff will be happy to assist him or her.

No, all rents on our website are bare rents. Gas, water and electricity are therefore not included in the rents on our website.

It is wise to take out contents insurance. In some cases, from your rental contract, it is compulsory by the owner of the property. With contents insurance, you insure the things in your home against fire, storm, burglary, precipitation and leakage. Contents insurance covers damage to items in your home that are not "earth and nail fixed". Think of your furniture, curtains, loose laminate flooring, but also valuable possessions, such as your television and jewellery.

We recommend taking out contents insurance for your own sake, so that you are always well insured; should something unexpected happen. You can choose where to take out contents insurance. We recommend comprehensive contents insurance. If you do not yet have contents insurance, you will be responsible for the financial consequences. Buildings insurance is not necessary; it is taken out by the owner of your property.

MVGM believes it is important that everyone has an equal chance of getting a property. Our candidates are drawn by lot for equal suitability. This prevents candidates from being discriminated against in the letting process. Also, we do not cooperate with the request to discriminate from any clients.


In today's tight housing market, scams are unfortunately a growing problem. Scammers are trying to cheat home seekers out of money or personal documents by posing as employees of reputable real estate companies such as MVGM. Here are some valuable tips from MVGM to protect yourself from potential fraud and scams while searching for a home.

1.    Use official channels: Submit your viewing requests through the official website, in this case or through our ads on Avoid using alternative channels that are not recognized by the landlord.

2.    Be careful with payments: It is indeed unusual to pay before you have viewed a property and signed the rental contract. Be very cautious if there is pressure to transfer money immediately.

3.    Check the property information: Compare the information you have received about the property with the official details on the website. If there are any inconsistencies, contact MVGM immediately to verify.

4.    Verify e-mail addresses: As mentioned earlier, verify that the e-mail address matches MVGM's official domain. Watch for minor discrepancies, such as misspellings or extra characters.

5.    Be alert to pressure and haste: Scammers often try to create haste to obtain payments. Be skeptical if you are pressured to make quick decisions.

6.    Consult others: Discuss the situation with friends, family or colleagues. It can help you get a different perspective and notice possible red flags.

If you suspect you are dealing with a scam, contact MVGM's official rental department immediately to report the situation. Our contact information can be found here.


Would you like to register as a house hunter and be kept informed of our available offers? Then we can use the register form on our website This registration will cost you only €36 for the first year. On renewal, the following year will cost you only €18. If you do not wish to renew your registration, it will automatically expire after 12 months.

With a plus account, you can:

  • enter, edit and save a search,

  • save your favourite and complexes, and

  • you will be the first to be notified of newly released properties based on your search.

  • react to available properties within the first 48 hours

With a standard account you can only respond to properties posted on our website after 48 hours. 

With Ikwilhuren Plus, you will automatically receive by e-mail the available properties that match your search profile. with a standard account, you can receive an e-mail if the letting agent matches you directly to a property.

You can respond to the property via this e-mail. Click on view request and fill in the request form.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request it by clicking on "password forgotten" in the login screen. You will then receive your password at the e-mail address we have on record.

Yes, if your 12-month registration is about to expire, you will be notified by e-mail. Via this e-mail, you can extend your 12-month registration, this extension will cost you only €18.

When you log in to your personal file, you can use the unsubscribe button to end your registration.

You can also click on the "unsubscribe" button. You will find it at the bottom right of the e-mail from us.

You will receive your login details by e-mail upon confirmation of your registration. With your login details, you can log in at the top right of our website to edit your profile and/or housing preferences.

Your registration is valid for 12 months, when your registration is about to expire you will receive an e-mail about this.

If you do not log in for a year, you will also receive an e-mail asking whether you wish to maintain and terminate your account.

In your account, you can click on "privacy" in the menu. Here you will find all the data we have recorded about you.

You no longer wish to use your plus account? Your plus account will automatically expire after 12 months. You do not need to do anything else for this. 


In case of equal suitability of candidates, a draw will take place after 3 working days at the latest. If the viewing takes place with the sitting tenant, you will receive an e-mail request to schedule an appointment with the sitting tenant within 3 days. If the viewing takes place with a rental employee, we will contact you by phone. Among other things, 'equal suitability' occurs when there are multiple prospective tenants who meet the income requirements that have gone through a full application and are best matched to the property based on desires and specific characteristics.

You can express your interest in a property via your own ikwilhuren account by submitting a viewing request. Then you fill in the application form, on the basis of which a draw will take place with several (suitable) candidate tenants. Only candidate tenants who have completed a complete application form and meet the requirements and criteria for that property will be included in the draw. At this stage, we will ask for details of your current income situation. You will then be notified whether or not you have been drawn for the viewing.

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for a rental property. MVGM reserves the right to refuse potential clients -without giving reasons- for a specific property.


You may submit a maximum of 5 viewing requests at the same time. If you have submitted 5 viewing requests and have been selected for 1 viewing, you can submit another one. You can see the current status in your account under "my property".

No, you can only respond once per property. The system checks and signals each response. So duplicate responses (even with different e-mail addresses but with corresponding name and address details) will not give you an extra chance.

You can see the status of your viewing request in your portal under 'my responses'. This status is updated 24 hours a day and is therefore always current.

As soon as the property is listed in your account under 'my reactions' with the status 'viewing request recieves', the request has been recieved in good order. Does it only say 'interested'? Then you have not completed the viewing request. You can complete it by clicking on request viewing. 

You have a maximum of 48 hours (during working days) to respond to a newly available property. Via the e-mail you received from us, you can respond to the property in question. Using the link in the e-mail, you can fill in a response form, thereby participating in the draw for this property.

Yes, you can respond to any property you receive by e-mail. Please note; you must be able to meet the rental conditions for this property. For example: income standard, age category and any additional conditions. If you do not meet the rental conditions for the property you have responded to, we unfortunately cannot process your application.

You can delete or edit your documents in your I want to rent account by:

  • Modifying your viewing request: on the my properties page, click "modify request".

  • Deleting your viewing request: click on the bin icon on the my properties page. Your documents will only be deleted for this property, not for another property if you still have a viewing request here.

Once your account is deleted, all your documents and your data (and possibly your partner's data) are permanently deleted from our systems.

Yes, you may, but you should include your parents' personal details. The e-mail address and (mobile) phone number may be your own. You may state in the question/comments field that you are acting as contact person.

This means that there are more than 10 applicants for a property and therefore there is a lot of interest in the property . We work on the basis of a draw. Even as a reserve candidate, you participate in the draw and therefore always have a chance to rent the property.

No, you will not recieve a message if you are not selected. You can check the currect status of your propery in your profile. If the lottery has taken place but the property is nog yet full under opties. Then it will say reserved. As soon as we officialy have a candidate for a propery, it will be shown as rented. 

Website and account

With a plus account, you can:

  • enter, edit and save a search,

  • save your favourite and complexes, and

  • you will be the first to be notified of newly released properties based on your search.

  • react to available properties within the first 48 hours

With a standard account you can only respond to properties posted on our website after 48 hours. 

Do you have a Plus account?

Then widen your search, for example by looking in a wider radius around a place or a wider price range. 

Can't find it? Contact us via our contact page.

When a property is under option, this means that a candidate has already been drawn. In the unlikely event that this candidate does not want to rent the property, a new draw will be carried out.

The e-mail is sometimes delivered with some delay by your e-mail provider (e.g. KPN, hetnet, Ziggo). It sometimes takes about 15 minutes. Still haven't received your e-mail?

  • Please check your spam or unwanted mail folder. Is there no e-mail from [email protected] here either?

  • Are you good with computers? See if you can add our previously mentioned e-mail address as a trusted sender. You can usually find this under settings and then "security" in your e-mail-settings. Here you can add "". 

  • Are you not so good with computers? Please contact your e-mail provider.

Log in to your ikwilhuren account, go to the "data" page and tick the box "do not e-mail me, I am following the site" under e-mail service.

Would you like to unsubscribe completely? Then click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of an e-mail. Your account will be closed and all your data deleted.

Yes, you can respond to any property, but you can make a maximum of 5 viewing requests at the same time. 

Please carefully read the stated rental conditions in the property description and check the income requirements.


If the property is still occupied, with the current tenant's consent, we will share his/her contact details with you so that you can make an appointment to view the property together. During this viewing, you can immediately discuss whether things can be taken over. MVGM will not be present during this viewing.

If the house is empty, a (group-) viewing will take place with a MVGM rental employee, for which you will receive an invitation by e-mail. After the viewing, the house will be raffled off within 24 hours among the candidates who have expressed an interest.

Has the viewing been completed? We would then like to hear as soon as possible whether you wish to rent the property. You will receive an e-mail after your viewing with a link to submit your response. You can also log in directly to your ikwilhuren account to respond.

This is certainly possible, just make good arrangements about this with the departing tenant. MVGM Wonen stands outside the agreements made and accepts no responsibility. We advise you to record any agreements made and have them signed by both parties.

Income requirements

Regardless of your income situation, we require the following documents from you:

  • A clearly legible colour copy of a valid identity card or passport (front & back) in accordance with central government guidelines ( A copy of a driving licence is not permitted.

  • Extract of Basic Registration of Persons with Address History (available from the municipality where you are registered, not older than 1 month).

  • Copy of bank card of the bank account from which the rent will be deducted.

  • Divorce covenant if you are divorced (in connection with extra income or expenses).

Documents to be provided depending on your housing situation: 

If you have a rental property:

  • Landlord declaration, which meets the requirements, as indicated in this document.

  • Copy bank statement last rent payment

If you own an owner-occupied property:

  • Latest annual statement from your mortgage lender.

  • Mortgage holding statement of your current home (available from your mortgage lender).

  • Statement from the bank where you took out the original mortgage that the loan has been repaid in full (if you have repaid the mortgage in full).

  • The pages of the sale agreement showing the sale price, delivery date, passing date and resolutive conditions (if you have already sold the property).

If you are a resident:

  • Written declaration that you are a resident and at which address. 


Because the housing shortage has increased enormously in recent years and MVGM Wonen believes that everyone deserves an equal chance of finding a home, we have decided that a tenant may no longer and cannot put forward candidates when giving notice of termination of tenancy. For you, this means that if you give notice and this notice is accepted, MVGM Wonen will publish the property on our website This gives everyone who responds an equal chance of getting the property.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You must independently comply with the stipulated rental conditions. In the case of student complexes, different rental conditions may apply.

Naturally, we want to provide you with the best possible service as a house hunter. To qualify for one of our rental properties, you must meet a number of conditions. As a general guideline, we apply an income standard whereby your gross monthly income (including holiday allowance) must be at least equal to 3.5 - 4 times the rent.

Different income calculations and/or additional conditions may apply to self-employed persons.

For pensioners, the income standard is usually 3.5 months your gross income. 

Your own assets in the form of savings (no shares) and your home equity (if sold) may be added to your income at 10%. A simple calculation is to divide your equity by 120 and add it to your gross monthly income.

Please note: income conditions may vary per property because MVGM lets properties from different owners. So always read the text in the property description about the income conditions carefully.

View the documents we need regardless of your income situation here

If you wish to rent together, we would like to receive the following documentation from both of you:

  • Employer's statement (not older than 1 month). 

  • Employment history summary via my uwv (your certified insurance report including employment history and salary details).

  • Most recent copy of payslip.

  • Most recent bank statement showing net salary credited to bank account number and name.

As an entrepreneur, we will ask you for the following documents:

  • A recent extract from the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • The latest income tax assessment

  • An auditor's report certified by a recognised accountant (at least of the last two annual figures).

  • You should also take into account that you need to submit a deposit in the amount of at least 2 months' rent before signing the lease.

Check here the documents that must always be provided in addition to those mentioned above, regardless of your income situation.

If you are retired, we would like to receive the most recent annual statements of your state pension and any annual statement of your (supplementary) pension, showing what your annual gross income is.

Is your partner also retired? Then we would like to receive his or her annual statement as well. 

We take into account that pensioners pay around 30% less tax. These incomes are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Check here the documents that must always be provided in addition to those mentioned above regardless of your income situation.

View here the documents that everyone must provide regardless of income status. 

If you are a temporary or seconded worker, different income calculations and/or additional conditions apply. These are considered per individual situation.

In any case, fill in that you are an employee on your view application. For other documents, as a temporary worker, you must provide at least 2 annual statements of your employment, Phase B.

Unfortunately, we cannot include income from a Phase A agreement in calculating the income requirement.

MVGM rents houses under specific conditions that may differ from one housing complex to another. The properties MVGM lets have not been found suitable for letting to house-sharers who do not run a permanent joint household. There are special housing complexes - if applicable, we mention this explicitly on our website - where we let according to the friends concept. In this concept, tenants can live together with a friend where both parties have their own rental contract.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. However, a BKR registration for a phone subscription, for example, will be taken into account.

Yes, in some cases we can include this. This is entirely situation-dependent.

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

We do not include a student loan as income. As a student, do you have an employment contract with fixed hours in addition to your studies? Then we can include this amount when calculating income conditions. In that case, enter salaried employment in your income situation when you apply for a viewing.

We only rent with a minimum period of 12 months/1 year.

No, this is not possible. Your rent is collected each month via direct debit.

You must live in the property yourself, the rental contracts state that you must register yourself with the municipality at the address of your rented property. It is therefore not allowed to rent a property for someone else.

If there is a housing regulation, you will need to apply for a permit from the relevant municipality after signing the lease. We will provide you with an owner's certificate with which you can submit the application. You are responsible for applying for the permit on time.

If prospective tenant(s) supply forged documents in order to qualify for a rental property, MVGM is obliged to report to the police for Forgery (Article 225 of the Penal Code).

MVGM may possibly ask for a deposit if there is a deviation from the income requirements or if one is a self-employed person. This will be a maximum of two months' rent.


A rental price is made up of a bare rent, any service charges and any heating costs.

You pay the service charge each month as a fixed advance payment. Which charges you pay depends on what your living situation is. Some tenants only pay for glass and sewer insurance. Other living situations also offer extra services, such as cleaning of common areas, a caretaker or maintenance of the communal garden.

An advance payment for heating your home and heating your water. This means that you do not have to enter into a separate agreement with an energy supplier for the purchase of this.

For this we refer you to the website of the Central Government, which explains everything. MVGM does not mediate in such applications.

No, MVGM will not charge prospective tenants for drawing up a rental agreement.

Other questions

U can easily terminate your rent via the MVGM portal. This link will take you directly to the right page. 

Do you have a repair request? Contact our Costomer Contact Centre on 088 - 432 4100 or send a e-mail to [email protected]

Through our tenant portal, you can find a lot of information about your rental propery. Is your question not listed here? Then contact our Costomer Contact Centre of our secretariat. 


You can contact us through the contact page. It is not possible to submit a viewing request via our contact form.